Specail Ocasions 
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    Bat/Bar Mitzvah
    Bat and Bar Mitzvahs are important events in the Jewish faith. If you’re preparing to celebrate a Bat or Bar Mitzvah, we can help with all the planning.
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    Baby Showers
    Baby showers are excellent ways to pamper expectant mothers and help them get ready for parenting while spending time with friends and family members.
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    Bridal Showers
    Looking for some memorable bridal shower ideas? Contact us at My Japan Direct to find out how we can help. These tips will give you a strong start.
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    Sweet 16
    You might be completely overwhelmed at the thought of planning this party, but it's possible to throw a terrific 16th birthday party with the right Certified event coordinator. We can help you plan for you next Sweet 16. We will bake sure you and your guest will have an unforgettable night!
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